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League play to begin the week of February 1st.
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The idea of a gLu League was kicked around by a few of us for a while and we never did anything with it. Then M4 brought the idea back to the forefront again and we decided we would give it a go.  So here we are.  The idea of gLu League is to promote team play and to have fun.  We will run it as long as we have enough players and it is still fun for everyone.

All rules and ideas may change at a future date.  For now all gLu League Tourneys will be Fast Rails only.  We also do not want to have clan tourneys because people already play with their clan members on a regular basis and we want to promote team play with everyone.  That is why we are limiting 2 clan members per team.

The first round of gLu League will begin on or about February 1st, 2003.  We can not actually start until we get enough players though, so if you know someone who might be interested send them to our forum to sign up.

The way this tourney will work is that each team will play against every other team in one (1) match which consists of three (3) games.  After all teams have competed then we will have a playoff round based on the stats of all teams (See the FAQ section for more detailed info).  After each match, stats will be posted on our Stats page.

Teams will be decided by players volunteering to be Team Captains.  Each Team Captain will choose players for their team on a date to be announced when all captain and player positions are filled.

For our first tourney we will have six (6) teams of six (6) with two (2) alternates per team.  This means that we will need at least forty-eight (48) players.  More players can sign up as long as the teams are kept even, including the alternates.